December 5, 2017

At the Quarry Ridge Café...


... you can talk all night.

(Meade took that photograph — out on the Quarry Ridge trail the other day.)


rehajm said...

Haiku o’ the day:

Time for a new home
Althouse dot blogger dot com
Blogger Blows Bison

rehajm said...

I know I must go
But wait! How can I leave you?
All my stuff is here

traditionalguy said...

The cable channels had the Roy Moore's rally on live tonight. I suppose they wanted to expose the world to Moore's hard southern Baptist ways and his southern hillbilly accent that are universally despised. But they first got 20 minutes of a Steve Bannon speech torching the most of the Establishment guys.

Bannon used a pitch perfect tone and attitude that destroyed his opponent's arguments. He did it
by using blunt truth without adding anger, knowing the other guy speaks next, and you don't want him to get sympathy for mistreatment.

That was the first time my wife and I remember seeing Bannon make a speech. We agreed that his style and demeanor is quite similar to mine in my younger days making closing arguments to juries. He took it right up to the edge of being offensive but stayed just polite enough for the ladies listening.

walter said...

I thought this bit today of what the "YWCA" is up to interesting....
Working in educational videos in my past, I interfaced with YWCA when they had a more general stronger families, communities" etc slogan.

I thought this recent development was a Madison branch slant (I drove by the building a while back and saw SJW slogans on it)..but it seems YWCA has changed from a regional model to a federated one with a SJW the point of removing the Christian name reference bit from the charter..leaving just the letter:

walter said...

(yeah..if only hyperlinks here were automagically active..)

Big Mike said...

I don’t want to talk all night. I want to go to bed. Good night all. Tree is up. Finish putting up ornaments in the morning.

Kyzernick said...

Just got a new laptop - early Christmas gift to myself for another good year in the books. My last high-end machine was a disappointment, so I stuck to a more economical option this time, an Aspire E15 by Acer. Great Amazon reviews, and based on about 4 or so hours of looking around it has the best features for the price point. The jury is still out on Windows 10, but I think it works okay and just might take getting used to. The graphics are impressive and the processor works better than I expected. I'll be upgrading to 16GB of RAM from the installed 8GB, but I'm in no hurry.

That's my current excitement for this otherwise cold and windy Tuesday.

Big Mike said...

@walter, get on Google and look up hypertext markup language (HTML). Learn how to use the a tag.

walter said...

I get ya Big Mike.
But it's bullshit that this host platform requires html knowledge.

John Smith Smith said...

I am happy that poor Anthony Kennedy actually sounded like a real human being today.

It must be so isolating to be as old and unhealthy as he must be, and to simultaneously have as much power as he does. Not good!

So I am happy for him.

"Just bake the fucking cake."

"Fuck you, Bake it yourself." (I hope that better language was used, of course).

"Wait, let's wait a couple years to see what some mid-wit old guy has to say!"

What kind of country do we live in? It is all too sad. In this story, you do not want to be anyone, including the mid-wit old guy.

But he sounded ok today, so I am happy.

David Baker said...

"But it's bullshit that this host platform requires html knowledge."

Regarding links, if you're using Chrome, just highlight the text/non-HTML link and then right-click. Then "Go to...."

Mark Nielsen said...

Anyone seen Laslo (or jamesjames) lately? Things need some brightening up around here...

Etienne said...
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walter said...

David Baker,
Talking in terms of posting an active link...something phone friendly.
Blogger denies this natively..bizarre.

Jack Wayne said...

Walter/Big Mike: try highlighting the non active link. One option in highlight is Look Up. Then choose search the web and you go to the link. Not as nice as an active link but it works.

Kevin said...

Talking in terms of posting an active link...something phone friendly.

Boldface and italic type are not even phone friendly.

tim in vermont said...

Don't leave blogger. Wait it out. Call 'em up. This is a nearly perfect commenting platform. Every time someplace I like tries to "improve" the experience, by adding threading, for example, or (shudder) Disqus, the experience goes to hell.

tim in vermont said...

I see that Theresa May's condemnation of Trump's "Islamophobia" bought her a lot of love with Islamists.

FleetUSA said...

The Professor's Amazon link is missing (at Christmas!!).

james james said...

A college girl shows up at the bar in the early afternoon. While a college girl showing up at the bar is certainly not unusual, the timing is: the college girls usually don't show up until the evening to get plastered, before waking up at 4 am in the bedroom of a college boy she doesn't really know -- a friend of a friend, they shared a class together last year, maybe -- and regret and shame are building as she tries to quietly find her panties in the dark.

That last part is extrapolation by the way, but I am sure it has happened more than once. At least for the girls who were wearing panties to begin with. At which point I will mention: although the whale-tail is no longer a thing, a few girls still do it once in awhile. They are probably from small towns. Semi-rural. Where you don't find out a Thing is no longer a Thing until well past the time it stopped being a Thing.

This girl is a bit distraught: she believes she left her coat at the bar the previous night. The bartender checks the Lost-and-Found: it is not there. She is now a bit more distraught: she asks him 'are you sure?'

The bartender tells her Yes he is sure: there are no coats left over.

She tells him that her father gave her that coat, that it was a great coat, expensive. They're not rich, so it was special.

What no one says: don't leave an expensive special coat unattended in a crowded bar at night, when you are so drunk that you leave in forty-degree weather not realizing that you are not wearing the coat you came in with. Like I said: no one says that. Aloud, at least.

Her problem gets worse: she kept her ID in her pocket. So now her ID is missing.

A few heads nod in empathy; having to get a replacement ID sucks.

She sits at the bar and asks for a beer.

You probably can see this one coming: the bartender tells her that, unfortunately, he cannot serve her a beer without her having her ID on her. Against the law. And the law keeps a close eye on bars in Seattle: there are always fines to be given. Unless you are a downtown bar that caters to the wealthy and to the guests at the fancy hotels; they pretty much leave those bars alone.

So she leaves the bar, forlorn over losing the expensive special coat that was a gift from her father who isn't rich. And that had her ID in the pocket.

Not all of the learning takes place in the University classrooms.

- james james

Bad Lieutenant said...

Kyze-if it's not too late-Acer is the worst. Worst support EVAR.

tim in vermont said...

Oddly, our resident DNC talking point poster, err, I mean non-partisan purveyor of overlooked news items never posted this one:

Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-Nev.) said Tuesday he will not resign from his post amid allegations of sexual harassment from a former staffer.

Kihuen asserted in an ABC News interview that party leaders knew last year about the woman’s allegations of sexual misconduct, but did not take action against his campaign.

Phil 3:14 said...

" He took it right up to the edge of being offensive but stayed just polite enough for the ladies listening."

Boy, the border has sure moved a long way in the last few years (for both ladies and gentlemen.)

Michael K said...

That was the first time my wife and I remember seeing Bannon make a speech

We saw him in Tucson at a meeting to support Border Patrol guys. He gave a nice short speech.

Of course security was heavy and there were about 100 protestors with signs about white supremacy and Nazis.

I gave Marriot a plus for holding the meeting.

George M. Spencer said...

Thebizarre London home of director Ronald Emmerich, replete with massive paintings of Lenin and Mao and an insulting sculpture of the Pope. This is the guy who made "Independence Day," the movie in which the White House is blown up.

The capitalist who loves Communism.

George M. Spencer said...

A few weeks ago an obscure trade publication for pharmacists ran a profile of the pharmacy that serves Congress. In the story, a pharmacist was quoted saying that he and his associates issue medications for dementia. Presumably for members of Congress.

When is some news organization going to do a story on Nancy Pelosi? She seems to be suffering from some terrible neurological malady. How difficult could it be to assemble clips of her stumbling while speaking and then ask her point-blank in the hallway what's the matter...and....ask one or two medical experts what might be the problem?

She's only one of the most powerful people in the country.

tim in vermont said...

On July 10, 2015, the F.B.I. opened a criminal investigation, code-named “Midyear,” into Mrs. Clinton’s handling of classified information. The Midyear team included two dozen investigators led by a senior analyst and by an experienced F.B.I. supervisor, Peter Strzok, a former Army officer who had worked on some of the most secretive investigations in recent years involving Russian and Chinese espionage.

There was controversy almost immediately.

Responding to questions from The Times, the Justice Department confirmed that it had received a criminal referral — the first step toward a criminal investigation — over Mrs. Clinton’s handling of classified information.

But the next morning, the department revised its statement.

“The department has received a referral related to the potential compromise of classified information,” the new statement read. “It is not a criminal referral.”

At the F.B.I., this was a distinction without a difference: Despite what officials said in public, agents had been alerted to mishandled classified information and in response, records show, had opened a full criminal investigation.

Distinction without a difference..... You mean like the distinction between "Gross negligence" and "extreme carelessness"? Between an "investigation" and a "matter"?

Our Peter has certainly been a busy boy. What a lot of blowback the New York Times received from the Clinton campaign, and the rest of the press (I repeat myself.) for accurate reporting, and our boy Peter was there to save the day for Hillary, once again!

But this is all on the up and up and what difference does it make at this point? Except that the Democrats could have had control of the Presidency right now, but it wouldn't. have been Hillary, and that would have been a bridge too far, to coin a phrase.

tim in vermont said...

Looks like our pal Strzoke was probably also involved in Uranium One, based on the WaPo reporting above.

Kevin said...

“Declaring Jerusalem a capital is disregarding history and the truths in the region, it is a big injustice/cruelty, shortsightedness, foolishness/madness, it is plunging the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight,” Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Twitter.

Yet another instance where the media will go nuts telling everyone that Trump is breaking the Middle East, when rational people know it's been broken long before Trump showed up on the scene.

Like NK, the question has to be asked: Is there really nothing to do but to continue what has been done for decades? Are we satisfied with the results we're getting? And if not, why don't we do something to disrupt the dysfunctional status quo?

rehajm said...

You may take it with as many grains of salt you wish...that the tax calculators circulating around us are not specifically too good. It's your own finances but pleased be advised there's a warning on that one okay?

Michael K said...

Jones, in Alabama, now wants to arrest Moore.

He is getting into Red Queen territory.

"I damn sure believe that I have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail and not the United States Senate," the former federal prosecutor said.

We have had this thing called "Innocent until proven guilty" but I guess that only works for illegal aliens.

JML said...

We leave for Madison (well, Belleville,) tomorrow to spend the weekend with our son and his fiancé, and to see him perform with the Festival Choir of Madison performing the Messiah. And to eat brats and cheese curds. With draft root beer for me, and fine beer for the others.

How cold is it going to be?

Bad Lieutenant said...

Oh, you just know Jones has to be dirty. Gotta be. Why can't the GOP ever play this game?

urbane legend said...

George M. Spencer said...
In the story, a pharmacist was quoted saying that he and his associates issue medications for dementia. Presumably for members of Congress.

Do Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee get these drugs? Waters may have dementia. Lee however, like Hillary, believes the rest of us are beneath her.

She seems to be suffering from some terrible neurological malady.
There are good neurological maladies? ( Mild sarcasm. I have seizures, so I think I'm entitled to ask. OTOH, the wife says I have occasional seizures of normalcy, whatever that means.)

38 degrees in NW FL tonight. Something is wrong. Winter should not arrive until at least the week of Christmas.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Mild sarcasm. I have seizures, so I think I'm entitled to ask.

Oh urby, don't be petit! ;)

Michael K said...

"38 degrees in NW FL tonight. Something is wrong. Winter should not arrive until at least the week of Christmas."

60s in Tucson but Newport Beach was 102. Big Santa Anas in so cal. My son is a fireman so I worry about him.

Big Mike said...

@Michael K, that Ventura fire is looking bad. Hope your son is far away.

I always wondered what was the big deal about Santa Ana winds until I experienced them personally on a business trip to Rancho Bernardo. I don’t think folks from outside California can appreciate how warm, how dry, and how strong they can be.

Michael K said...

Fire season is normally over by mid-November as the rains have come. No rain yet.

Maybe la Nina, which is the opposite of el Nino.

My son is an engineer so he is usually not on the fire line but it is still godawful hot there,

The Cracker Emcee Activist said...

Jesus, Laslo. Richard Brautigan could have written that.

Which can be a good or bad thing depending, but in this case, definitely good.